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My System Specs


Finally got everything together and in a near-end-state. Just finishing leak testing/bleeding overnight and then I'll wire up everything and fire it up

Only the bottom hot-swap bay is actually connected and functional. The top one isn't since I have no more SATA ports. Not a big deal though since I don't suspect I'll ever need 2 hot-swap drives. It's more just if I need to quickly test a drive.

I wish CM would of provided an adapter to connect to their special 2pin LED connector to provide a standard molex connection. Their connector provides 12V so there is no reason it wouldn't be feasible. Instead I had to cut the wires and splice in my Phobya LED strips.

No issues getting all the wires tucked in behind the motherboard. Obviously it would of been marginally easier if I didn't have my radiator and fans in the bottom chamber though as wires could have been tucked away in there. Once I actually hookup everything, I'll take a picture (it's a bit messy though!).

If I remember, I'll attempt to weigh this beast tomorrow. It's pretty difficult to move now though, but then again I'm by no means a muscular person.

Future Ideas:
- Get a slim 240, 280, or 360 radiator to install up top and then separate the GPU and CPU into their own loops.
- SLI/Crossfire GPUs, watercooled of course. Likely wait until Kepler before making any decisions.
- E-ATX or XL-ATX LGA2011 motherboard, so it better fills the space.
- A window. I don't want to personally cut the panels, maybe pay somebody else to do so. However I'm mainly hoping that CM will release a windowed panel themselves like they did with the previous Cosmos.

Future Problems:
- Any larger of a PSU is going to have issues, unless I mount it with the fan facing up so that the cables have space to bend and connect. It would likely still be a very tight fit. I'll likely end up having to put a smaller radiator in the bottom and sell my SR1. Alternatively, I somehow "extend" the PSU bracket out further so that the PSU sits outside of the case more.

New Parts:
1x Phobya LED-Flexlight 30cm - One up top and one in the middle plate. Hard-wired into the case-integrated fan/LED controller so I have a button up top to turn on/off the LEDs.
2x Phobya LED Ready Twin 3mm Ultra-Bright UV - for the reservoir
2x Gentle Typhoon AP-1450 120mm - in the side-fan-caddy
1x Noiseblocker Black Silent Fan XK2 140mm
5x Bitfenix Alchemy Premium Sleeved SATA Cables
2x Bitfenix Alchemy Premium Sleeved Internal USB Extension Cable
4x DarkSide Single Braid Cables (ATX, EPS12V, PCI-E 6pin & 8pin)
1x DarkSide Front Panel I/O connection kit
1x Primochill Primoflex Pro LRT UV Blue 3/8ID 5/8OD
Various Bitspower fittings

Existing Parts:
Koolance RP-402X2 Reservoir
Swiftech DDC-35X (in use) and Laing DDC3.25 (for later use perhaps)
Heatkiller 3.0 Nickel-plated CPU block
EK FC580 Nickel + Acetal GPU block
HWLabs SR-1 360 Radiator
3x Gentle Typhoon AP-1450 - on the radiator
Various Bitspower fittings
Phobya LED-Flexlight 30cm

i7 920 @ 4.2GHz
ASUS P6TD Deluxe
6x2GB Mushkin DDR3-1600 Blackline (7-8-7-20)
Auzentech Bravura
OCZ Vertex 2 120GB
4x Samsung F3 1TB (RAID10 via ICH10R)

Total Cost:
NCIX +$103.38
NCIX -$100.00 (gift card!)
P-PCs +$114.79
P-PCS +$96.98
Case +$350
Total: $565.15......having a case that will fit any future upgrade: Priceless!

And here we go with the barrage of pictures!

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