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Originally Posted by Patriote View Post
Almost 3 months later, i answer your questions. Sorry!

You can get a solder iron @ home depot even @ Walmart. Depending of the quality, it's pretty cheap.

I personally love Jab-Tech. But yeah, if you are in Canada, you better place a big order with them so you will save on shipping. If you plan on just buying sleeving, then maybe you should consider buying sleeving kits or so in Canada which you can find @, Buy Computer Parts, Computer Hardware, PC Parts at Best Online Computer Shop - DirectCanada etc...
And almost three months later I answer! Huzzah, the circle is complete!

The thing is, I just want to sleeve some fan cables. On NCIX, they have PSU sleeves which means I get a whole bunch and some are way too big. Is there any place to get thin sleeves and several feet?

EDIT: Wait, found one but it's blue. Not the end of the world, but I'd prefer black.
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