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Default Stuck in a rut, need suggestions please

K where to start.
I got 2 pumps (ddc and D5) and 2 tube style reservoirs( that won't fit where I want now ) and 2 radiators (a rx360 and Phobya 200mm) and I am having a helluva time deciding what to go with now.
I have tons of ideas but can't decide on any of them and just need a smack in the right direction to get me focused and get this machine done so I can use it.

I've read so much debate on parallel and serial for the gpu's it was making my head spin...everyone has different opinions on it. If I use the gpus on a separate loop it's not going to matter anyway is it? And if the 200 mm enough for 2 6970's? (no overclocking on the gpu's)

IS there such a thing as a decent bay style combo top for both the ddc and d5? I'm sure there is lots of positive stories out there, but all I can find are the bad ones where the glue lets go, or horrible vibration. I'm currently looking at these for the D5 and something equivalent for the ddc.
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Or am I better of trying to make the tube style work?

I know everyone thinks the coolit elites suck ass,,,,but my temps have always been decent when that was part of the loop. SO if I was to do two loops, I would use the D5 for the gpu's (flow) and the ddc for the elite and cpu (pressure) Is this correct or should it be the other way around?

And lastly...I can't come up with a decent flow diagram mentally for the system...that at least doesn't look like crap. Below is a pic of what I have to work with.
Any suggestions on the res/bay res and tubing routing would be GREATLY appreciated.
None of the wiring is even close to finished either...
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