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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Soooo.....certain nations can cyber-attack others in the interest of national security and all that jazz. Meanwhile, when those same nations get nailed, it's called "terrorism".

Sorry, I'm laughing too hard to continue this post.
Yep double standards are a bitch. I used to listen to this band called Strike Anywhere and in one of their songs there is a line that goes "someone's heroes are someone's terrorists". Actually the song is pretty much right on point when it comes to how the world works, "there's a new war starting in the world today, to halve the have-nots while we look away".

P.S what do you think is going to happen when a U.S president stops funding the israeli army? The country is going to collapse and the Palestinians will go to war with the Israeli's and take back their homeland and mass genocide of jews will follow. And guess what, everyone will look away just like WWII, because no one gives a damn about Israeli Jews, they would have let Hitler kill all the jews but he tried to take over the entire world so people fought to stop him. The whole world was going to let the jews die.

Anyways that's my semi off topic rant for the day.

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