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Originally Posted by On2wheels View Post
Was going to start a thread about this. After the Steam xmas sale plus with all household users online I ripped thru my 60gb in about 2 weeks, so I found that link to Rogers $5 gets you 20 more gb/mon as long as you need it. So I did it this month, but my annual loyalty discount is over so I'm back over $50/mon with them now. Has anyone made the switch to Primus? I can live with the speed drop if it gives me unlimited usage, just wonder about the reliability, and is it cable or phoneline access?
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The best deal for unlimited internet right now is Acanac. If you pay for a year there is no dry loop fees on DSL, $28/mo for 6mbps. It's all a question of whether you can front up the $300 bucks and can handle sluggish 6mbps :P Otherwise you may want to look at third party cable like Teksavvy, Acanac or smaller ones depending on your area. Alternatively you can find a competitor that has unlimited bw and call Roger's, complain and hopefully score a good deal with retentions. IF you google it, you can find out good techniques on how to get a good retention plan.
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