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My System Specs

Default Fried my soundcard...

Alright so in summary let's just say I totally killed my onboard soundcard. To the point where no audio input will work nor microphone jack.

I need to somehow get this all back and functioning because I cannot live without my precious audio. I just need a simple recommendation. I want to stay under $50 but if I need to go over then so be it. I have a PCIe x4 available and numerous USB ports.

What is something that is decent for more music than gaming? I'm not a music producer and listen to like FLAC files or any of that stuff. I just need something that won't make me want to smash my head against the wall with it's terrible audio quality. I have 5.1 speakers so I would need to be able to have an input for Front, Rear, Center/ Bass, and a Microphone.

Tell me what you have, anything. I just don't want to go buy something based of what looks pretty.
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