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Originally Posted by Kurtis Wanner View Post
For me this will be nothing but a media box. Why do you recommend the hard drive?
I will probably go with the barebones and add 4GB RAM and a SSD if you think one is necessary. Looking through NCIX's 2.5" drives, I wonder if there is any reason to go bigger than 60GB? OCZ's Vertex 3 is currently $80.
I guess it depends on where you store your database/etc. Some of the addons can grab quite a lot of artwork for tvshow/movies. And it can be setup for sickbeard/couch potato if you desired.

Pricematch from newegg wherever you buy it, they're the cheapest right now.

As for SSD. 60 is more than enough for this little machine, if you need more go with a HD.
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