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Originally Posted by Kurtis Wanner View Post
I'll admit I didn't read every post, but skimming looked like a lot of video sync problems and remotes not working. It's nice to hear from someone who has it going though!
I guess the most useful thing would be "here is what hardware to buy" and "here is how to set it up", but that's asking a lot. :)

Did you buy the barebones AD10? What kind of RAM and HD? Anything else required?
I bought the Plus Model with the 320GB HD and 2gb RAM stick. Upgraded to 4gb ram, but its not needed. Barebones would be fine with just an SD Card and a 2gb stick of RAM (although I recommend a HD).

Nothing else required. I havent tested bluetooth, but wireless works (albeit not amazingly). Remote works fine both internal and using the external usb adapter.

One file has to be edited (asound.conf) to get dts and dolby digital working over hdmi.

No problems with Video Sync, unless I have it change to 1080p 24hz with questionable materials. CPU cores run at ~40% each when playing Frozen Planet full 1080p.

Streaming works wonderfully, I can stream SD content no problem over the wifi, HD has some buffering issues I haven't got into yet.

The remote, is ok. It works out of the box, I'll probably change a few of the keymaps for it.
I recommend dropping $40 on the boxee remote for a better user experience if you plan on using it a lot.
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