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Originally Posted by Kurtis Wanner View Post
That sure sounds good, but a lot of people seem to be having trouble with it:
Zotac ZBOX nano AD10 (SD-Card) | OpenELEC - The living room PC for everyone
You don't?

I'm still waiting for the NCIX video showing it all working flawlessly (and how-to) before I spend any money. It was supposed to be after the Water Cooling V2, but that was 2 weeks ago.

Shoot any questions at me you want about it! I have it working great currently on 32bit eden release.
I've tried the 64bit releases, and have had them working well also, but some of the addons only work for 32bit currently (apparently)

I'm not quite sure what you are referring to in that thread? It spans 3 months, and one of the quotes on the page you posted states : "No, my ZBOX AD10 is very quite since Version r9106."
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