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Originally Posted by Eluder View Post
I recall I could go 2 days without having to recharge on the Nexus which is pretty good from my experiences with other Androids.

I'm surprised you find the Razr feels better, most people find that it's too wide and I find the Nexus fits amazing in my hand. Even though it's a big phone, it's light, and it's ergonomic, so holding the phone feels natural to me.
That is better than I have heard about battery so that is good. As for the width, I just laugh everytime I see people praise the Nexus and then complain the Razr is too wide. Nexus: 67.94mm wide Razr: 68.9mm wide. I mean really we are talking about 1mm, not exactly a huge difference.

Originally Posted by Eluder View Post
You can expect that to change since Google owns Moto now. You'll be seeing much better software support from Moto going forward, I'm pretty sure.
That is another thing that could improve Motorola phones altogether.

I guess it all comes back to the question I had earlier, I'm just wondering if the reason everyone is wanting the Nexus is because it has ICS? I just don't think that should be a huge selling point, at least not anymore. I say this as very shortly the Razr will have it as will many other phones, so it just seems like a moot point. Remember I will be locked in for 2 years at least. Honestly I was hoping that looking at them in store would help but really hasn't made much of a difference. Frankly if the RAZR MAXX was coming to Canada shortly then I think I would end up with that, but I doubt it will be here soon. It just feels like a compromise no matter which I choose.
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