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Dragonstongue: So to act as if Intel is so much faster, and AMD is "slow" is a flat out lie.
forgive my arrogance~pretension as it is not were im coming from with this but, i think its time for a little history in regards to the intel vs AMD topic.

AMD for the longest time was the underdog cpu company and in many ways like robin hood.
They could offer you a grate deal on a cpu at a price point that you just couldn't beat from the perspective of performance vs price point.

Then the AMD k7 vs Pentium 4 topic happened and imho Intel got a lot of egg in their face on that round of Intel vs AMD.

But i think it went to AMD head, and the min the Intel core line of cpus came out it was game over on the king of the hill topic for AMD "for now"
At lest atm AMD is remembering what it once was and has bin humbled by Intel and is willing to give you grate deals on quad core cpus in the entry level segment of the market, like they use to.

that's all so were most of the main $$$ is, the average joe~jain cares nothing about the i7 2600k overclock topic, they just want something that gets the job done well, at a good price point for a full computer system.

AMD would be wise to remember this point and not forget what they once were,they woke up the Intel dragon as it was sleeping by kicking em in the balls with their AMD k7 cpu line.
And im sorry to say that the amd k62 500mgz doesn't keep up with a Intel Pentium 2 or 3 on the
{FPU ~ floating-point unit}
topic but its just like that.

That said its not about who gets the king of the hill highest benchmark score, its about what you get and at what price point performance wise and that's all it ever came down to.

Atm a AMD 995BE is a good deal at $120 and Intel won't even let you think about a quad core for under $200 so you know , their you have it

Get your AMD k63+ 450mgz today :D

Ps the AMD k62 were monsters in MMX & 3d NOW instruction sets but sucked on the FPU topic
{as fast as a p3 800mgz in MMX}

Funny that in the AMD k7 vs p4 years it was the other way around, the p4 was strong on the SSE and MMX topics but sucked on the FPU topic and the AMD k7 cpus were like enhanced Intel Pentium 3s on steroids performance wise.

Note ~ a p3 coppermine cpu 800mgz can beat a inlet p4 1400mgz in many benchmarks.

And yes i own a Asus p5a socket Super7 mobo, it was in the top 10 mobos for the AMD k6 and its all mine hehe, i all so have a Gigabite 7n400 pro2 mobo with a k7 xp-m laptop cpu 2500+ 1800mgz ~ 2400mgz, sadly when i saw how good the Intel core cpus were you know *srugs*
That reminds me i still have a bag of Intel p55c 75mgz cpus kicking around.

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