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Default Cold weather arrived, updated Temps for 2011

Ok so heres the temps I had tonight. Last year the cold air flowed through the back fan, as it has an H50 Corsair cooler mounted to the back. This year the two front fans are hooked up to the cold air for better GPU temps, and other component temps across the board.

The CPU still remains chilly, and the only exhaust is on the side of the case (120mm). It has a 200mm fan on the top for exhaust, but it was expelling very cold air into the room, and instead is now recycling the air back through the rear mounted H50 intake. I wanted to be sure that the H50 was not pulling in warmer air from the back, than from the front. I didnt want room temps to mix with the cold front intake temps. The rooms ambient temp is roughly at 16 right now, and a heater is below my desk to keep my body warm. The room never heats up with the computer cycling cold air consistantly.

(PS: Not sure why the WD Raptor is at 25C, seeing as it is not using any programs at the time, and does not hold the OS. It's 10'000RPM but still, little warm compared to the Seagate drive.)
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