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Originally Posted by panzerfan View Post
...The earlier setpoint could only become of worth by resorting to 3rd party additions such as uberoptions, but that is no longer the case...
I realize I'm both grave-digging & being somewhat nitpicky here, but this review's pretty high up on the returned search list when Googling G700 & Uberoptions together.. I bought a G700 to replace my very well used, and liked, G5. Unfortunately it was both showing its age in appearance, and function, plus I really wanted a few extra buttons, not to mention the "convertible" USB cable. (ALL input devices should be made this way, even if they don't function when unplugged!) Sadly I have two issues with it that have me wondering if I'd prefer another G5/something else instead..

1. Setpoint STILL doesn't allow you to differentiate between left and right Ctrl buttons, which can be a major headache for gamers such as myself. Furthermore, it seems the G700 isn't supported by Uberoptions, which allowed such distinction of buttons when paired with a G5.

2. My second quabble is with button action. I like mine to have a distinct click feel to them. Not only is the action of my G700's buttons so light that sometimes I'm unsure if I actually hit one, but all four are positioned slightly too far back. (when compared to a G5) When you combine how far the bottom two thumb buttons are recessed in from the pair above it, and the super-light button action, they become even easier to press without knowing it. Compared to my G5, the tilt action of the scroll wheel is both much to stiff & also made slippery, due to the smooth metal finish. On a totally unrelated note, I now realize I much prefer braided USB cords as well. (like the G5's)

I'm hoping I can get used to the G700 enough to give it a worthy lifespan, but thought the above to be issues anybody moving from a G5 might want to know. Also, if anybody can help me out with the Uberoption issue mentioned, it'd be greatly appreciated! Ooh, and for whatever reason, TeamSpeak 3 doesn't seem to recognize some of the buttons, no matter what keys I set them to within Setpoint.
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