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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Why though? I mean I have heard bad things about battery life and the so-so camera. And yes I have heard it is a great phone, but it just seems that is right when people mention ICS. I guess I'm just wondering if the reason everyone is wanting it is because it has ICS?

@Eluder What do you consider as great for battery life? A full day of use, two days, a few hours? I know I have read a few comments about people just buying a second battery to carry with them, which I think is complete crap.

I looked at the store today and of course it is not like I can hang onto them properly, but the razr feels better to me. But yes that Nexus sure does have a nice screen.
I recall I could go 2 days without having to recharge on the Nexus which is pretty good from my experiences with other Androids.

I'm surprised you find the Razr feels better, most people find that it's too wide and I find the Nexus fits amazing in my hand. Even though it's a big phone, it's light, and it's ergonomic, so holding the phone feels natural to me.

Originally Posted by JD View Post
Motorola definitely doesn't have the best track records with Android phones IMO. Most of their phones they never released any software updates for, and if they did it was extremely late in the game. Also most of their phones have locked bootloaders making customization difficult.
You can expect that to change since Google owns Moto now. You'll be seeing much better software support from Moto going forward, I'm pretty sure.
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