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My System Specs


The only two flaws of the Galaxy Nexus are:
  • No microSD slot
  • It's big. Definitely not for people with smaller hands that's for sure.
And those things wouldn't make me go with the RAZR over the Nexus.

Motorola definitely doesn't have the best track records with Android phones IMO. Most of their phones they never released any software updates for, and if they did it was extremely late in the game. Also most of their phones have locked bootloaders making customization difficult.

You could also consider the SGSII (in it's various forms depending on provider). I'm fairly sure it'll be getting ICS as well and should be the cheapest of the bunch due to its age.

But really, the market is just starting to heat up. There should be a whole bunch of 720p ICS phones released this year, along with 1080p tablets for that matter.
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