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Default Samsung Nexus or Motorola Razr

So I am looking at changing up my phone and have kind of come down to these two phones, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Motorola RAZR. I have read many side by sides and vs reviews and I am still not really sure. I mean they are both good phones and they both have pros and cons.

Anyone have direct experience with either of them and is willing to share?

Nexus Pros:
Ice Cream Sandwich
Display is gorgeous
Removable battery

Storage only 16GB here in Canada and no microSD slot.
Supposedly bad battery life (although that is mostly from US reviews with LTE)
Call quality could be better

RAZR Pros:
Very light and thin
Storage is 16GB but has microSD that supports up to 32GB
Good speaker and call quality
Build Quality

Non-removable battery
Not quite as good screen
Gingerbread not ICS (although should be getting it soon)

As for cameras and video, they both are pretty good and neither are really that much better one way or another. See battery life is a big one for me, as I really need it to last a full day at work for it to be truly useful to me. This is why if we were in the US, I would just wait a few weeks and get the RAZR MAXX. Honestly I think I am leaning towards the RAZR but one issue with that is that it is only on Fido and Rogers, and I would like to move to Telus but that will only happen if I go with the Nexus.

So really what are peoples opinions of these phones?
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