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My System Specs


Wow, thanks JD for the reply. So it sound like if the computer I end up purchasing is using slic activation, my idea isn't going to work. Well....................
I don't know what to say. Its sounding like I'm either going to have to contact Microsoft and the manufacturer of the laptop I purchase and work it out with them. Because I'm doing this for a customer in a sense, Its all got to be legal so I'll just have to go through the chain of command and straiten the whole matter out. But because of this, I think I'll end up staying away from prebuilt systems and build my own. This is the reason for the question. I was deciding between building up a barebone system from msi, or purchasing a prebuilt system and upgrading it. Upgrading is sounding like a headache and a bottle of Jack Daniels, and building I have just never done with a laptop before so I'm a little nervous. But God knows I'll never get a reply back from Microsoft in time if at all, so It looks like a custom build after all.
unless someone can think of a way of copying the hard drive that comes with the system and then just taking that mirror copy and putting it on the ssd that I want in the machine. Anyone?
Thank for the help and sorry for my long posts
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