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My System Specs


I like what sswilson said when you mentioned manufacturer specific connectors that they use to connect from the docking station and the laptop. Yes, many companies do this. And thank you bissa for the picture, as this does point out such a connector. It seems that this specific connection would allow a more direct communication to the proper hardware on the machine, just all done through one connector but not through the same bus. Kinda like Galcobar mentioned when he said its a all-in-one connector, but each pin or circuit of data doesn't pass through just one bus like usb does, instead it connects to the proper component. I am hoping that the manufacturer specific connectors do connect in this way. However, I found out that Sony Vaio uses a specific connector with some of their machines as you can see here d=-1&productId=8198552921666367153&tab=featuresTab

but the trick is after some research on google I found out their connector is just a beefed up usb connector with 5gbps bandwidth (usb 3 speed).

Another docking station by sony found here

SA SB SC Series Laptop Dock | VAIO® S Series Docking Station | VGP-PRS20 | Sony USA

uses a different connector, but after being redirected from department to department for an hour on the phone, speaking to someone who doesn't speak to much English, they were not able to tell me any specs about the connector other than that its their own, unique connector. it does allow video, usb, network, and sound to be transferred to the computer, but I don't know in what way. Meaning is it through another serial bus like usb, or is it parallel, or what. But all in all, even if I had to connect the power and video separately, I'm fine with that. I'll be using the wifi radio in the laptop for data and the bluetooth for mouse and keyboard. everything else is usb so as you can see the docking station is still quite effective, I was just expecting to be able to connect everything to the docking station and just "plug'n'play".

so in this case I found this docking station that I think will serve me the best

Toshiba dynadock® U3.0 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station from Toshiba

Thank you all for your help. If anyone know anything more about those Manufacturer specific connectors I would like to hear more.
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