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Thanks for that Silent_Avenger i read that a couple days but it was on a different forum, but after reading it again it got me thinking back to another thread i read about troubleshooting 2600k overclocks and in it it mentioned something about removing your RAM and putting it in different slots, i did this and low and behold i stopped blue screening after running prime95 for more than 30seconds, i feel so stupid now for even posting before trying something so simple :(

This is what i've got it at at the minute, 4.5Ghz Vcore 1.320v temps are a lil high so i might go down to about 4.2Ghz until i get the H80. While i'm here, i have a Corsair 600T case does anyone know if a H100 would fit in this? As i'd rather go for the H100 than the H80 if it'll fit
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