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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MARSTG View Post
should i also upgrade my ram and create a RAMDISK so i could spare my SSD, or I am ok? How large should it be for GPU+SMP?
I don't think anyone uses a ramdisk for folding that I know of. AMD quad CPU rigs need 16 sticks of ram to run at full speed so it is necessary to have 16 or 32GB or ram installed. I have never heard of using a ramdisk on one of these systems though there is enough ram for it. Even the biggest bigadv units only write 250MB to disk at the end so it doesn't take long. There is also not a high need for random access because everything is stored in ram anyway.

If you did want to try a ramdisk you would probably be able to run one on only 8GB. The client and OS run in under 4GB of ram so that leaves room for a 4GB ramdrive where you put the program files. If you do try it see if you can record in detail how performance changes.
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