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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
NUMA enabled. Gotta love IPMI.
One more S8812 in the House. Folding for 54196 I hope? My 4p (see sig) hovers around 247k ppd on a 6903. Here's mine.
Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
HOW MUCH?!? My rig sits at 223k ppd for a 6903...
If you say so. My bios settings are the same as yours but I hadn't realised I could change the settings under ECC Config with standard DDR3. Mine was set to [Basic] so I changed it to [Disabled] like you have because that sounds like the faster option.
My flags are -smp -bigadv -bigbeta but I don't think these matter as long as the client gets a 6903.

My tpf on the current unit seems to be about 22:45 on average so "245k ppd" according to the calc. My first ppd number of 335k is from when I had PowerNow [Enabled]. It seams we're even so that's great.

EDIT: I'm getting 22:54 tpf on the same unit as before so I'm switching ECC back on. It could be something else like dynamic load balancing but I think ECC [Basic] was a bit faster than [Disabled]. I'm trying the [Good] setting now just for fun.

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