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My System Specs


3.0charlie, do you have a post with more info about your ram, bios and linux settings you used in your build? I'm at 335k now on a 6903 but I want to figure out if there is a setting that can get me a little bit more. My os is ubuntu 10.10 server with no updates installed following musky's guide.

I have most of the extra SAS controllers and PCIe stuff turned off in bios. The CPU area of the bios looks like this:
* GART Error Reporting           [Disabled]        
* Microcode Update               [Enabled]          
* Secure Virtual Machine Mode    [Disabled]        
* PowerNow                       [Disabled]        
* ACPI SRAT Table                [Enabled]          
* CPU DownCore Mode              [No Leveling]       
* CPU prefetch                   [Enabled]           
* IO prefetch                    [Enabled]          
* Probe Filter                   [Enabled]           
* HTC                            [Disabled]
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