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My System Specs


Server = Raid setup. Back-up = multiple save locations. Raid does NOT equal back-up. I know. I've been caught by that.

You don't need that much storage space? 2 solutions:

1. Add a second HDD in 1 computer, make it a share for all and everyone backs up on that specific HDD. This means they also save on their primary HDD (local).
2. Build a server, with a Raid card set up for Raid 5, with 4 500Gb HDDs (viva Samsung). This will give you a level of protection and 1.5Tb of storage space. Now users can save directly to this array.

But. With either solutions you need a back-up. You buy an external, USB HDD (if you trust your Seagate, go for it), and manually back up the data monthly. Store the HDD in a safe, dry place.

I use solution #2 with 7 Sammys in Raid 6 (with a hot spare), and back-up on a USB3 WD 2Tb monthly.
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