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Originally Posted by r3v07ut10n View Post
This is what i was thinking, i really think the 7950 vs 7970 is going to be exactly the same as the 6xxx series was. 7950 will outsell the 7970 simply due to cheaper and overclock to the same. They pushed back the 7950 launch so all of us who want the "new" toy will buy at premium lol so they can recoup from bulldozer fiasco.
That's a pretty large assumption based on absolutely NO facts. I dislike these sorts of posts. Sorry.

The best part about these cards are the current positive reviews and beating out Nvidia. They finally rebuilt their architecture which many many people whined about them NOT doing and appeased the masses. From what I understand there is much headroom on these newer cards and that is always great news. As far as the 7950's go there is always gonna be a lower ended card to fill up the hole and make more money from people with a smaller budget. Whether they grant people access to overclocking them up to the 7970 speeds is irrelevent and frankly shouldn't be granted. If I'm paying top dollar for a faster card than it should stay that way... period.

I think the price point for the 7970 is fantastic... this way when card makers do come out with better options like cooling and clocking the people who jumped on board from day one get what they paid for... frankly AMD has been taking the high road for some time now and is a very respectable company with a great product. I've never seen AMD release drivers that specifically KILL hardware like Nvidia did with the 285's and 275's. FACT: 3 of my friends had 285's that died within the same week of that particular driver. Ever wonder why XFX dumped Nvidia?

I also feel bad for the last CPU they released... it's a real shame and I hope they continue to make CPU's for computers.
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