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I found this post via Google.

I've had an i7-975 extreme core since 2010, and shame on me, am just now looking to clock it up some.

Anyway, I just purchased an NH-D14 and wonder how it will fit with my Patriot Sector 5 memory. I have all 6 slots filled on an Asus Rampage Extreme III Gene mobo. If they don't fit, I can simply trim (cut off) the heat spreaders on a stick or two, or alternately, get the NZXT Havik (Overclock3D :: Review :: NZXT Havik vs Noctua NH-D14 Review :: NZXT Havik vs Noctua NH-D14 Review) which is cheaper, has similar (a touch louder) performance. Thankfully NewEgg is the best when it comes to speedy returns and exchanges.
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