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Default Front USB 3 solution

Hi everyone,

Early cases with usb 3 front headers got some funky way of using them by connecting cables at the back of the case. In my example, and since I own one, the HAF-X needs that and the only way I found of hiding those cables was to reroute the cables to a loose rear usb 3 card/connector that came with my P8P67-PRO. I then hid that card"/connector behind the PSU cable hidding gizmo that came with the case.

To all of those who have/had the same problem, here is something that will allow you to hide the cables behind the second side panel (rear mobo).

2 Ports USB 3.0 Female to Motherboard 20-Pin Male Super-Speed Cable Converter | eBay

I've searched a lot and didn't found any other solution that would work better that this. I will order it soon and will probably post pics when it's done.

Note: Please ensure your usb3 headers cable are not soldered like in most recent HAF-X cases.


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