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Originally Posted by jumpload View Post
Lol It is on topic Mr post count farming spammer, if you start burning like mad and don't give the drive the chance to cool down before the next burn i can fry a LG drive so fast its not funny.
The cheap DVD burners dont last long if you start beating on em imho,if you do a lot of burns all the time then get a plextor or lacie dvd burner.

And why would anyone buy just a DVD drive in this day and age, a LG combo drive only costs like $10 more.

And ya the psu came to mind too.
You see I don't care much for people around here who go off topic or rant about stuff and is mostly blowing smoke out their ass.

While you perhaps can still still buy just a dvd-rom 99.9% of drives sold and installed are all multi drives.

Second it would take a long time to burn up a drive and they don't need to cool down. I have used cheap drives to repeatedly and successfully burn many movies with no issues.

Third while Plextor was a large contender years ago they aren't around as much as their drives are astronomical in price and aren't worth it.

Fourth if you are buying a drive these days LG and Samsung are two of the most reliable ones out there. I personally trust Pioneer drives but don't know if they are still around.

Fifth as mentioned already a bad or low end power supply can provide bad voltages to components and cause them to prematurely fail.

So if you intend to give advice around here make sure its worthwhile as members around here don't like people wasting their time having to correct misinformation. We are a friendly bunch and enjoy helping people.
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