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Default Weird issue installing windows 7. Asking for IDE drivers.

Hello. Im trying to reinstall Windows 7 with a disk Ive used to do just that three times so far without any issue, last time this very weekend.

Windows manages to unpack all its files through the DVDrom but amusingly it then tells me it cant proceed further for lack of a DVD driver The irony is pushed to overdrive by a message saying its fine to put in a different disk now in my DVD to install these mysterious drivers.

The only thing that changed about my computer is that I took out two old HDDs and put in a new one. My DVD drive is a SATA LG Super Multi and its connected to a SATA port as a master device (was slave but changed it hoping it would clear this, no luck). I tried disabling RAID mode in the bios, still the same deal.

Googling suggested a bad windows disk which I think I can safely rule out, and also the possibility of Windows 7 basically needing IDE drivers even though its SATA drivers are fine. Im puzzled as to why this is now an issue while the same system installed fine previously, but what the hell. I can mount my smartphone to give Windows what it wants and have a working box next to it so I guess Im not in too much of a bind but:

1. Can I fix this with the BIOS somehow / convince Windows to grow a brain? ( Board is a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3. I have four other SATA devices plugged in right now; three HDDs and 1 SSD. I use it as smart cache so its RAID in the BIOS. )

2. Failing that, uhm, I have to admit I have no idea what driver to feed the damn beast. I dont happen to know much anymore about DVD drivers, I've kind of taken system install drivers for granted this last decade, and I was perfectly fine with that :p

Thanks for any help I really appreciate it :)

edit; another detail, my DVDrom seems effectively dead while on this prompt. I cant open it to put in another disk, even though its obviously fine. Windows's belief in a lack of drivers seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy heh.

edit: just downloaded an Windows 7 image that includes Sp1 thinking id set aside all doubts about my copy and could use my key with it if it worked, but as I feared, I get the exact same problem. Im probably doing something wrong but I dont see what. Everythings SATA, all the hardware is recent and in great shape... Im puzzled. Appreciate any advice.

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