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As for me, I'm going with WC because of the noise yada yada BS as you say...
I bit the bullet last week and bought a pretty penny (+/- 475$) in parts to build it...But my system will be much more quiet because I will eliminate all the whinny fans for some (8) nice 120mm, that will be controlled by a CrystalFontz 635.
I'm running a Zalman 9700NT + the 8800GTX fan + the 680i NB fan + several case fans and it's extremely annoying when everything kick into high gear!

I bought a CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 recently to combat the noise but running OC on air is virtually impossible to do in that case if you want to keep decent temps.... On top of that my Raptors were cooking in there, but that a different story altogether (I smell another case mod here)....That case btw is replacing an Antec 900 that was great at cooling but LOUD!!!! Anyway.. I'm still looking at the perfect balance of OC and noise control... Hope to have it with the new setup once it gets here...

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