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Default Fan controller that doesn't use a front 5.25" bay

I'm using a 600T case and I'll have a total of 10 120mm fans in it. What options do I have if I need a fan controller? The catch is that I don't want to use anything that would show up on the front of my case. I'm trying to keep it slick looking, with no cd/dvd drive or anything. If it makes a difference, support for at least 6 fans would be good enough. I don't mind using the 600T built in fan controller for 4 of the fans, which is the maxiumum it supports.

I assume that if I get a bunch of splitters and use them with the 600t integrated fan controller, the voltage would be split between the fans? I actually don't mind that, because I want to undervolt all my fans anyway. Something tells me that this isn't a good idea though.
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