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My System Specs


I would also recomend Ncix and things such as to find the best prices on gear.
my stuff
Phenom II 955BE-$109
M5A99X EVO motherboard $140(M5A97 EVO would work as well and be about $110)
Ram 8gb ddr3 1600 kit around $50
Radeon 6870 $160
Power supply 650-750 watt(mine is HX750 around $135 but there are just as good for a little bit less)
Case if need be $50-$120(mine is Raven 3 but you need a few longer sata cables and such)
Hard drives if needed(I have Agility 3 60gb SSD $110 and Caviar Black 640GB AALS model $70 Caviar Blue 1tb sata 6gb model $65)
Optical drives if needed(I have 2 ASUS B1ST DVD drives $23)
I also have Hyper 212+ cooler with an Extra bladmaster fan and MX4 paste all of this would be $24 for cooler $10 for fan and $10 or so for paste which you dont really need, but I did anyways :P
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