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My System Specs


Cpu is well underpowered for BF3, not much you can do on that side.

A decent rig with a new video card would depeding on the choices run from $750-$2000+. The rig I have an use for BF3 would cost just shy of $1000, though it can be trimmed up some to get the price down, and even more if there are just the simple parts.
Power supply

It honestly would be pointless putitng in a brand new gpu, you would never get the most out of it. Just as an idea, I had an E8400 OC to a bit over 4.0Ghz and even then there were alot of times the game with the same 6870 I am using in my new AMD rig would be very sluggish. E8400 is way way more fast then a pentium D was/is, and I had problems, I can just imagine you would have even more.

Also, I know 550TI is cheap, but there are far better choices for gpus that are not that much more $ and some even cheaper that would eat a 550TI for lunch, it really is not a "gaming" card, it is a graphics card that "can" game. GTX 460 336 Shader 1gb, 560 560TI, Radeon 6850/6870 would be what I would go with, no less, but I most certainly WOULD NOT pair it with a Pentium D and try to play BF3, its your money, but it would be a waste. If you OC to PD by ALOT it may help, but I would not advice this route either.
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