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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ilya View Post
Only retailer I know of that will ship them to Canada: Aquatuning -Your watercooling and modding distributor - BeQuiet

Be-Quiet products aren't supposed to be available for Canadians, probably why they're ignoring your emails.

Pricing is at a premium though, I personally don't think it's worth it when there are other premium or cheaper products that are probably just as good and readily available in Canada. If you don't mind the colour, there's always Noctua's. From your other thread it seems like you want to be watercooling a premium system, Scythe GT's are back in stock in Canada - I would personally grab a bunch of those for ~$12 a piece before stock dries up again.

If you're looking for help with a high end build because you don't have the time, I'd just get a custom PC company to do it. You're going to get too worried over screwing up your big purchase since it's your first build. It's not hard, but save yourself the stress if time is that limited for you.
Thanks for your reply! I'll continue to check out alternatives to Be-Quiet...also looking at Gelid, Noiseblocker, Yate Loon and the Gentle Typhoons too.
I have a contact at NCiX and they will do the build for me. I have confidence with them but I was really hoping to learn directly by having someone with experience guide me along. Perhaps I'll set up a workstation and see how I make out, with help from the forum if questions/issues arrise. Thanks too for the link!!

Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
Like above poster said only available from aquatuning, The best selection I have found for fans in Canada is from a U.K. website? I use this site a TON, very good shipping times and reasonable prices and shipping rates. I would toss in GT AP-15's for 120mm, and Aerocool sharks for 140mm's I use these fans for higher end air cooled customers, as well as my own use, and always get awesome results. Quiet PC Canada - Ultra-Quiet 120mm fans
Thanks for your reply and link!! I'll check out the options you mention...appreciated!!!

Thanks guys!!!
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