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Default Couple questions

I've had water cooling before but with the CPUs of late heat isn't the big issue so.... What I'm curious is to what extreme are you willing to go to get your systems 2-3 degrees cooler than a high quality air cooler? Some say noise yada yada BS! lol You have just as many fans running on your system whether it's air cooled or water cooled.

As much as I'd LOVE to invest $400 into a nice half decent H2O setup with my CPU it just isn't worth it. A $70 heat sink will do the trick just fine with the same out come & viola I'm in money that I can put into other upgrades.

Don't get me wrong I'm dying to build a sweet system with custom water cooling but damn I dunno? I even have it all picked out along with the best air cooler I can get & the money difference is just over whelming.
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