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Sony GDM-FW900 Flat Wide-screen 24" FD Trinitron CRT Monitor

Max res 2304 x 1440 / 80 Hz

Recommended res 1920x1200@100Hz 100fps

I tend to sick with 1600x1024@85Hz, douse the trick for me in most games.

True 32bit color, most lcd still can't
Input lag = 0.0000002s
Motion blur max 200hz vsink @ 1024x768 res 200fps and still no blur.
95 pounds
Native res = all res native.
FD Trinitron - aperture grille crt
Viewing angle = color warping lol not.
Black light bleeding on the edges = hu ?
Pixel death = the what??!!?!
True flat screen in side and out.
note ~ this was the biggest one every made for home use in the world as far as i know, and the only one that i know of that is a wide screen.

10 year old crt and still has no pixel death cus you never have that on a crt.
Estimated price when it was new in 2002 with tax, about $2800 Canadian.

lol got mine used for like $40, dude didn't know what he was selling. their considered collectible.
It was in bad shape when got my hands on it though. I rebuilt it my self.

What? IPS displays are hundreds of times better then CRT monitors IMO. When i still used a CRT monitor it was like light and day switching to LCD
Shore thing.
Swing by my place after with a six pack and we can bench my crt vs your lcd and see what happens

Ps we only bench in none native res for your lcd for testing image quality and what not.

And ya i get that a lot when people see it in action.

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