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A guy can always use conformal coating on everything too but that would take a fair bit of time to accomplish. As to the post regarding dew points and humidity... It may not be humid outside but most houses have humidifiers to decrease the costs of heating your home. That said... anything coming from outside would need to be protected from the inside air as there will be differences. No getting around that other than shutting off your humidifier but that's just idiocy. Anyone using lower than ambient temps runs the risk of creating moisture and without proper insulation from outside to in it will create moisture whether they want to or not.

Controlling the temperature is the key... I personally wouldn't trust a force that cannot be controlled: Mother Nature. She almost always wins

Simply pulling cold air from outside sounds great in theory but there is no way to control mother nature and weather changes. I think a little more thought needs to go into this idea other than just yanking cold air outta the sky.
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