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Keep in mind that some tasks for rendering 3d graphics are 100% the video cards job, others tasks fall more on the cpu and more often then not are a mix of both.

In the case of more then one video card if their both going at it on the same task then you up with a lot of sub system drain ~ cpu ram.

In the case of res and textures its 100% the video cards job.
Meaning if your at min game setting at low res and you try and raise the res and you see the fps drop when using a fps counter like fraps then your video card is topped out.

As well your trying to run a D3D 10.0+, pixel Shader Model 4.0 game on a video card that only supports in hardware D3D9c + pixel Shader Model 3.0.

As many know the main difference from d3d10+ vs d3d9 was really replacing direct draw with direct2d and adding in pixel shader 4.0, more then that and it was all so made it seems to brake compatibility with older versions of windows.

Direct2d is vomit as well i might add on the compatibility topic.

All in all ya id go for it, it should give you a little extra something as well given time when you swap out the mobo~ram~cpu you video card will all ready be payed for.

My self im waiting for the 560ti to get cheaper, i wont touch the geforce 4xx cards.
they all suck in openGL.
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