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Default Old video card (X1600 XT) - Will new one get better FPS?

Hi forum members,

First time poster here. Great forum, great articles!

I run a Pentium D 2.80ghz, 4 gigs ram.. Currently using a Radeon X1600 XT (PCI-E) and a Radeon 9200 Pro (PCI) for a quad-monitor setup. I use this computer to program (quad monitor) but occasionally like to game (AA3, thinking of getting Battlefield 3).

I only get 20-25 fps when in AA3.. doesn't matter if I pull the PCI vid card or not, still runs the same.

I'm looking at a GTX 550 ti video card to replace the X1600 XT. Will this give me a decent performance boost? I'd be happy in the 45-60 fps range with the current system until I save some more 'free' cash to upgrade to a quad core or better processor.

All thoughts are appreciated.

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