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I already read this article last week when it was published.

Personally I didn't like the tone of the article, however I do understand where the writer was coming from.

I used to purchase things from Futureshop, when I didn't know any better. (read young & dumb)
While I don't actually make large purchases from Best Buy, or Futureshop anymore (with the exception of Blu-Ray's /dvd's/cd's on boxing week.)

I have noticed their level of customer service take a huge slide.
The corporate culture of the organization has changed, and seemingly not necessarily for the better.

I remember when I was younger, I used to see the sales people really helping people with purchases, and walking them to their cars... being friendly & hospitable.

Now (boxing week last week) I see the younger folks working there, once the customer has paid, the kids basically go back to playing with their cell phones.
(note this does not include the people I see who purchased LCD tv's they are physically being helped & escorted)

Ah... times have changed.

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