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My System Specs


I have an A8V Deluxe and had some boot problems very similar to yours. My problems magically went away after a couple weeks so I never did figure out what the problem was.

Have you replaced every part that can be replaced? I see HD and RAM on the list but what about the video card?
Bad memory is certainly a possibility but XP could be locking up on anything if the hardware is faulty: on board NIC, on board Audio, i2c, SATA controller, etc. Have you tried disabling as much as you can in the BIOS?
This happen with a fresh clean install of XP? No drivers, utilities, or programs?
Have you let it sit for a very long time? Like an hour? I had a server that would stall on reboot for 15 minutes but it was doing something as it would reliably reboot when it finished whatever it was doing. Never did figure that out either.
What happens when you boot to safe mode?
Have you tried resetting the computer during the various stages of POST and boot to see exactly where it locks?
Have you tried both SATA and PATA hard drives?
Have you tried some of the more detailed boot logging programs to see where it is locking up?
Have you installed Linux?
Have you booted from a live CD? (BartPE for Windows and Ubuntu for Linux.)
Have you used different install media for the various installations?

Frankly, this is a weird one. If it follows you to a third mainboard you may have to just accept the fact you are cursed.
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