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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Looks like we may have benching parties in all the major urban centres across Canada for next year's CC! That's exciting to think about - I think we'll collectively be much better prepared for next year.

And yes Slaughter - as far as I know that is, in fact the case. As soon as you submit one sub-zero score, you're in the OC League, and there is no way around it. Having said that, are you familiar with the literary works of Richard Bachman?
Coordinated benching sessions across the country streaming live? Might be a stretch but would be damn cool if you ask me :P LoL

And yes, I am quite familiar with Bachman ;)

Edit: And is it a bad thing that I started saving up for next year already?

Would be nice if it started a month sooner in my opinion as it can be quite tough that close to the holidays. :P
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