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I'm in the suburbs, but I bought my silver wire from Twisted Jewels in the US about a year ago. Shipping was $1.90 and back then it was $5.86 for a 12" 16 gauge piece of .999%.

Same thing now would cost just a bit over 10 bucks total:

$7.60 .999 Fine Silver 16 Gauge Round Dead Soft Wire

+ $2.99 shipping.

Made a nice solid coil, not sure on the stuff daz has, seems to be a really fine gauge like 24 or so.

Most of the local jewelry stores only had sterling or much more expensive offerings. I was told a craft store might have been a better bet, but at that point I considered 8 bucks for a decently thick DIY coil to be worth it.

If you wanted to go in with some other people you get free shipping over $20. Good luck.
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