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Originally Posted by Jared11 View Post
Well, I don't know if anyone else utilizes their climate like myself for computer cooling, but it works for me. I will post up some pics soon for everyone. So far the winter temps in Canada have been higher than normal for 2011-2012, but regardless my computer is very chilly. Right now these are my temps:
CPU: 9C (Lowest Core Temp) *Core i5 750 @ 2.97Ghz*
HDD1: 8C *Seagate 500GB*
HDD2: 7C *WD Raptor 80GB*
GPU1: 29C *GTX 280*
GPU2: 25C *GTX 280*

Ambient Case temps are roughly 7C to 11C. I am using an Antec 900 case, and the front two 120mm fans induct cold air from a nearby window. (Again, I will upload pics soon.)
Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
be careful you get your hdd to close or below zero they may freeze up as in not working any more i had this happen many times in the past when doing something similar
other important thing is temp cycling of cpu will cause cpu socket sweat

use DIELECTRIC GREASE on cpu socket contacts
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