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Default I AM CANADIAN, and my computer uses winter air!

Well, I don't know if anyone else utilizes their climate like myself for computer cooling, but it works for me. I will post up some pics soon for everyone. So far the winter temps in Canada have been higher than normal for 2011-2012, but regardless my computer is very chilly. Right now these are my temps:
CPU: 9C (Lowest Core Temp) *Core i5 750 @ 2.97Ghz*
HDD1: 8C *Seagate 500GB*
HDD2: 7C *WD Raptor 80GB*
GPU1: 29C *GTX 280*
GPU2: 25C *GTX 280*

Ambient Case temps are roughly 7C to 11C. I am using an Antec 900 case, and the front two 120mm fans induct cold air from a nearby window. (Again, I will upload pics soon.)

Last year was the first year I set this up, and in which achieved the lowest temps so far inside of my case. Below is a pic of HWMonitor from last years lowest idle captured scores from using winter air. (All specs and system OC/Configs are the same as this year)

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