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My System Specs


Clock for clock the IL is faster then the MC, but it's not proportional to the core and wattage increase. So if the goal is the highest ppd per rig a faster il would be better then mc but it's going to draw more power.

Someone also said 64core folding leaves something t o be desired and it would be better to do 2x32core instead, dunno 48core seems fine to me. And you're not going to need 64gb of ram, I haven't seen my rig use more then 4.5gb, but I know first hand 1gb sticks are hard to find, so the cheapest lowest latency sticks you can find will do, quad channel 16 sticks.

Either way that kinda horsepower listed should get you ontop of the ppd list, climbing the point ladder very quickly.

Have an A-1 day!

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