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Default Issues with Flow and Pressure, looking for advice

Not sure if I should post here, or trouble shooting, but it said all water cooling here... so here goes!

Large Cylinder Res >>> D5 Strong Pump >>> 360 Rad (top mount in Corsair 800D) >>> CPU - EK Supreme CPU >>> GPU#1- EK-FC470GTX >>> GPU#2 - EK470GTX >>> T-Line Drain >>> Res (bottom out / in) with Feser UV Blue dye.

Broke GPU#2 during install, removed, all ran great. Drained and reinstalled a fresh GPU #2 last night, turned on pump and issues started. All I removed during the installation was the line from the GPU #1 to the drain port

So the first immediate issue I noticed when I tried to do the initial push through was the D5 Pump (setting 5) immediate made a noise it never made before. It's spins up properly and then makes a kind of sputtering noise -- if I drop the setting, it goes away.

My immediate through was pressure was back flowing into the pump: I had air trapped! So I rocked... and I rocked, shook, twisted, and shook some more -- no change. Drained, repeated, let run for 24hrs. No change.

Inspected the loop and it looks like air might be being trapped between GPU #1 and GPU #2.

Nothing I can do seems to dislodge it, and there seems to be a lot of air in the rad too.

When I installed the 2 GPU setup originally (before I realized I broke one) I didn't have any issues. So my thoughts are:
  1. Something got in the pump (doesn't seem likely, as it still works somewhat).
  2. Didn't clean the GPU #2 block throughly enough, and the Feser left some gunk in it which is hurting flow.

What I'm wondering is, if anyone has some advice to support my suspicions before I start opening water blocks (not super comfortable with this) and checking / replacing the pump.

The only other thing is when I drain, I do tend to siphon or blow air through a baster to push the water out of the loop (through the t-line between GPU#2 and Res), and I can suck water/air through GPU #2 just fine when I do this, so it can't be a complete block! I do get some flow through, just not enough to push the air out.
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