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My System Specs


there are lots of micro-itx boards, for LGA1155 specially, if you don't plan on oc we guess you could go with an core i3 2100 but graphic design usually means a lot of processing, which would mandate a core i5, you can go with a non K version, now your only question would be what video card to use that fits that small case and what power supply you can fit in there. If it takes regular power supply I guess a used gtx460 would be a fair game. I don't think you can fit a hydro cooling system in that small cube case. Leave it alone and go with a regular option. is just that you have some conflicting options : gaming and working, small footprint, you want it quiet too and budget is not much. Using a TV means you will also play at a high resolution as 1920x1080? Because for just gaming a core i3 would be enough. The work is going to be serious or just some scketches? you proces something in massive amounts or light stuff? I have a friend says SWTOR runs fine on a GTX260 so i guess a GTS450 or GTX550Ti/Radeon 5770/6770 should work also fine

Foxconn H67S LGA 1155 - 65$
Intel Core i5-2400 - 200$
Kingston ValueRAM 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 KVR1333D3N9/2G -30$

300$ once. Prices from

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