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Default CPU choices

Hi... new to the boards..

I picked up a few AMD cpus and didn't know what I should be using to get maximum ppd..

I have the following parts

4x AMD Opteron 6272 - 2.4 GHz Sixteen Core <-- Interlagos
2x AMD Opteron 6174 - 2.2 GHz Twelve Core <-- Magny-Cours
8x AMD Opteron 6134 - 2.3 GHz Eight Core <-- Magny-Cours
1x SUPERMICRO AS-4042G-6RF barebone 4P g34 server..
4x Kingston 16gb ECC DDR3 memory (2x8gb kits)
8x Kingston 4gb ECC DDR3 memory (2x2gb kits)

My original plan was to go 64 cores (using the 6272s) with 64gb of RAM.. but I read that the MC will do better job? will the 32 MC cores be faster or equal to 64 IL cores?

I am also concern about heat and watt draw.. since I will eventually have 3x 4p servers running.. I can sell the IL now for a good price (enough to get a second barebone) and use 2x 4p MC ??

I guess now I can go with the 32gb in quad channel in the 4p.. probably can get away with going dual channel on the 2p


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