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Hi and thx for replys.
I had this motherboard for over 2 years i must of changed at least 4 hard drives on it and reinstall xp many times.
I tryed a lot of memory on it and nothing changed. I will run memtest on it in a few hours and let it run for 8 hours and see how it goes.
Once the machine boots in windows its rock stable , i have never a crash or a freeze in any games i play.
it is just annoying that every time i start my machine it hangs ont he windows xp logo and have to reset. I also think this is not good on my hardware.
I tryed to google it and only thread i found was this with similiar problem
P5B Cold Boot Problems - XtremeSystems Forums

PS i also have updated the bios but made no difference.

I also had this same problem on an asus p5k premium board wich i returned.
But strange on my older P5b-E , wich is still based on a 965 chipset and similiar to the p5b deluxe , i do not have this problem.
And i remeber the first time this happened i returned the motherboard to the store for an exchange and same thing happene on the newer p5b deluxe.
Like i sayd i hope my Asus rampage does not have this problem cause i payed so much money for that mobo and will hurt my feelings=)
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