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Originally Posted by maurier View Post
I have a problem that has been going on for years now and still not been able to find a solution to it.
Asus P5B deluxe--running with an intel pentium D---2 Gb pc6400 800MHz 4-4-4-12 2.1v corsair memory--silverstone zeus 850W PSU ---evga geforce 8800 GTS.
Every time i start my pc it will freeze on the windows xp logo screen , i can see the blue bar going across like 3 times and then it will freeze and i have to reset.
Once i reset it boots in windows fine. This always happen on a fresh start never on a restart.
I am running at stock setting, all i changed in the bios was the ram timing and the voltage.
I have tried a different PSU , CPU and diffferent memory but it will not go away.
I also had this same problem on an Asus P5K premium board wich i returned immediatly.
I can understand if an inexperienced person starts to mess around with bios setting this problems will show theyr ugly face, but i am runnin at stock and i find this unexpectable.
My main concern is, since i have recently purchased an Asus Rampage Formula , i am scared that this will show up on that board just like the p5b deluxe and p5k premium. This will really piss me off ,since i do not have the knowledge to fix this problem.
I have 3 other computers at my house running on a 975x chipset (one is an asus) and they do not have this problem.
What is going on here any help would be appreciated.

PS i really prey that my Ramapge Formula will not have this same issue =((
Sounds to me like a hard drive or memory issue.

Time to download memtest and test your memory.
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